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i've hit a barrier

2010-11-25 21:50:40 by bikeflip

not a real barrier per say. i mean i hit a road block. ur... i have problems with what i am doing. alright? anyway i am making an animation of the comic the killing joke but the problem is i lost my copy of the book so i cant get really going n it until i find

Anyway i've been working on episode 2 of the phil and jeffy show. although this one will take longer than 2 days to complete. ya see, i've been working on writing more and i actually have a half decent story wrote for this one. problem is it's really long in fact the story (aka the script) is 9 pages long. so I need 4 voice actors. so if anyone is interested then uh..drop a line or.. uh...something.
finally, I'm working on an animation with bobyb64 (or at least i think i am). this will be an animation just to see how far i can get in animation with a little work. What will happen is the animation will be done in parts. for example if we were doing a speech thing i might do the facial movements while he does the lip sync or something like that. but we'll have to chat about specifics.

so ya thats all i have to say. so bye.

i've hit a barrier


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2010-11-26 00:00:52

Press AABLLZ up up down left left to pass the road block

bikeflip responds: