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hey everyone

2010-12-12 21:28:08 by bikeflip

bikeflip here. and oh golly gee wilikers do i have stuff to say.

in honor of the holidays i am making a christmas flash (totally original :P)

the collab with bobyb64 is going well...uhhh not gonna say anything else.

i'm also starting a game with betteratbrawl7777 about stuff. and i also have to compose the musical score for it but thats not too big a hassle. ps. it's an rpg

the phil and jeffy show episode 2 is postponed until i get my light board (hopefully for christmas).

and ya i have midterms until thursday but after that i get 2 weeks off for winter break. WOOO!!!

hey everyone


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2010-12-14 17:23:01 way...ZEEK!? No fucking way man! I knew there was something strange about you!!

bikeflip responds:

not zeek...not zookyman...just bikeflip