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had to do a new post.

2010-12-14 18:05:50 by bikeflip

not zookyman. read my previous post to hear what and how i'm doing.


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2010-12-14 23:46:50

You were zookyman2, now you are bikeflip, but you will always be Zatch Hartveil.

also you signed up a day after zookyman left.

bikeflip responds:

i signed up because he told me too.


2010-12-16 15:33:35

It's quite obvious that you are zookyman.

bikeflip responds:

yourface. not zookyman


2010-12-17 14:44:32

Why else would I agree to the collaboration thing if it wasn't you?

bikeflip responds:

would that be up to you and your perception and not mine? hows that going anyway?


2010-12-17 18:54:05

If I didn't think it was you I wouldn't have done it. And it's going pretty well.

bikeflip responds:

oh cool


2010-12-25 14:46:23

Merry Christmas!