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2010-08-02 19:39:56 by bikeflip

ima makin $485.00! from selling things!!! new recording stuff!!! yay!!!

working on an album.

2010-07-31 01:19:00 by bikeflip

12 songs. 3 done...alot of work...

the killing joke - 5%
intro to my new series - 35%
remake of "law offices"- 40%
series for slyboyseth - not started yet

my album - 25%
short story - 50%

oh yeah and this too...

sponge traditional animation- 90%

working on an album.

making a killing joke video

2010-07-23 15:54:00 by bikeflip

making an animation of the killing joke. need voice actors background artists and voice actors. please contect me if you want to help.


2010-07-19 01:19:52 by bikeflip

it made it to the site!!!! HUZZAH!!!

so far it's looking good!!! :D

i'm confused...

2010-07-18 21:27:19 by bikeflip

sadd....i think someone insullted me?

hey people

2010-07-17 18:29:01 by bikeflip

this is my first post on newgrounds...hope this is a good site.